Thursday, May 12, 2011

Preparing for Floods, and Thinking of Wu

Alot of things are going on right now. On the top of the list is the projected flooding to our area IF the Morganza Spillway is not opened and IF there isn't a breach in the levee systems. Our home could face a possible 5-15 feet of water in it IF one of those 2 scenarios play out. We have no flood insurance. At least not until June 2nd. We will be on flood watch well into June, so our hope is that if anything happens to our home, that it happens June 2nd or later.

Right now, in our area, sand boils are popping up all along the levee and the roads are cracking from the pressure. A reporter had the road crack under the feet of the videographer yesterday as they were filming. This is a scary situation. The river still has another 5.5 feet left until it crests. If the Morganza Spillway is opened, the river level will decrease by only 1.5 feet. It seems to me that the levees are under a tremendous amount of pressure already, and aren't withstanding them very well on our end.

As usual, I worry. I really could care less about losing our home, as long as it is after our insurance kicks in. We are not in a flood zone. I would like to point that out, and all this time I believed that we had flood insurance. As soon as I had learned that we did not have flood insurance, we added it.

Losing our home prior to the flood insurance kicking in, could be detrimental to the adoption. I can't help but panic inside when I think of this. So I am asking you all to pray for peace for not only us, but for all of the people who are concerned about this oncoming flood. We need peace that only God can provide.

Thank you and May God bless you,

Wu, Momma and Daddy are still paperchasing amidst all of this craziness. We will be getting physicals done soon, and turning in our application to begin our homestudy. We think and talk about you every single day- ALL of us do. We cannot wait until you join our family physically. Love you- Momma