Friday, December 30, 2011

In the mail...

797 take 2 was in the mail today. Tried to get it on its way to the Chinese Embassy tonight but didn't quite make it. Everything is closed until Tuesday, so I will try again then. Hopefully this new year brings no more mistakes.



Still waiting... BLAH *sigh* insert tears... I still cannot believe we are having to redo this. My dossier would have been either on its way to China or about to leave next week.

We have been feeling the prayers around us. They are helping. Thank you to those of you who are praying. This is definently a HARD process, but we would already do it again in a heartbeat. Trying to keep our eyes set ahead, and we are preparing our house for his arrival in the meantime.

Forgive me. I will ramble here a bit. It's theraputic for me...

Lee's Christmas gift, a bag filled with books and toys (both from Christmas and his birthday), is sitting in the closet. His quilt is ready for his bed. His highchair is all set up in the dining room. His clothes are hanging in his closet. I actually went to the hospital and bought a nasal aspirator for him (the store brands just don't work the same haha). Once I order his diaper bag in the next month or so *hopefully* I will begin packing it with stuff for our trip to bring him home. Once we receive TA, I will be able to start packing for Joey and I for China, and for our other children's trip to TX bag.

Joseph is constantly asking when he is going to his Nanny's house. The other day, he slapped his hand down on the table and said, "Me going to China! Lee coming home!!" I guess he decided enough was enough and he was just going to take care of what we obviously weren't accomplishing anytime soon. The next day when we left to go visit my parents, he was all excited. He was jumping up and down. And his little 2 year old voice squeaked out, "Yay!! Lee coming home!! We going to China!!" Lately everything comes from China too. Not a far stretch, but he asked me today if the strawberries I needed for the cheesecake were bought from China. I don't think he is fully understanding where China is, nor do I expect him to. All he knows is that it is obviously far away and mom and dad are taking forever to go there and get "his baby" to bring home. *sigh*

Emma and Silas are very understanding of what's going on. They know time and they know how long it will be until expected travel. They know it is coming soon. They have started saving things for Lee. Like items from the Christmas parade. I can't tell you how many things they handed to me and said they wanted to keep them for Lee to have when he got home. They miss their brother. They are also very understanding that when they see mommy crying, it is usually something to do with yet another mistake that is going to cost us time with their brother. They also are very understanding when it comes time for the ball to be tossed into our court, and mommy and daddy have to do something to bring Lee home, everything else gets tossed out the door for that day. Usually they would whine or cry about something like this but not when it comes to Lee. Not a tear shed, not a whine to be heard... they are on their best behavior because they want this stuff done too.

Lucy somewhat understands. She looks at the globe and understands that China is far far away. She knows that it is going to take a long time, but like any 4 year old a long time means several minutes to her. She doesn't understand months and how long they are. She is my, "are we there yet?" girl. She knows we are going to her Aunt Heather's house right before we leave, so any trip there is quickly followed with the question of, "Is Lee coming home now?"

So many questions, from Joey and I as well. Other people ask us "when?" all the time as well. I have grown tired of the answer I have to give them. It's exhausting to have to keep saying "I don't know," and "hopefully by ________ time." It's all a gamble to estimate a time, and I am not a gambler. This month was our original expected time of arrival, and we are several months away from seeing his face. It hurts. I am a sort of a scrooge at the moment. I just want to retreat into a black hole and come out when the sun begins to shine again. I know it's not possible. I have to be there for my other 4 darlings that I do have with me. I also have to be there to fix this mess that other people are creating for me to clean up so Lee can come home.

SO when I said "thank you" to those who have been praying for us earlier, I want you to know that I wholeheartedly mean it. We all do. Those prayers, without a doubt, are what's helping us get through these hard times. When I feel like it is difficult to get one foot in front of the other, I feel a weight being lifted and God telling me to keep on moving. And that is just what I am going to do. Come on 2012! I am ready for you. Let's bring my baby HOME!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Lee!

"So tonight I pray that God will come and hold you in His arms. And tell you from my heart- I wish you a merry Christmas"

You are not here physically, but we keep you here in spirit. Merry Christmas little guy! We love you :)

Praying you are warm, and receiving lots of hugs and kisses.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

This Christmas: Little Things

Dear Lee,

Your highchair sits in the kitchen ready for your first meal once you come home. Your clothes are hanging in the closet next to your brothers'. There are toys in your very own toy box in our living room, ready for you to play with them.

Emma just showed me a little spoon that she said was for you. Lucy is busy talking about how we are going to have to make Chinese noodles for you. Silas is busy setting aside special toys and knick-knacks for you. Joseph often asks when you are going to come home. He recently got potty trained, and said he is giving you all of his diapers.

Your bedding is almost done (Momma is making it just for you), and your crib is set up and awaiting your arrival. Pictures of your beautiful face are on our mantle, refrigerator, and bulletin board.

These are all little things. Little things that keep you real to us. Little things that we put in place to prepare for your arrival. Little things that we hope you will enjoy. Little things that we are holding on to until we can at last hold on to you. As we approach our last Christmas without you home, and your last Christmas away from home, please know that we are keeping you in our hearts and on our minds. Constantly we speak of you, as if you were already here. Our hearts are full of love for you, and we cannot wait to share it with you. We cannot wait until our family can be whole, and it will not be whole until you are home.

This Christmas, we love you from afar and cling to the solace found in knowing that next Christmas we will have you home. Next Christmas, these little things will be the backdrop to the most special little person in our lives- you.

With all of our love,
Baba, Momma, Emma, Silas, Lucy, & Joseph

Thursday, December 22, 2011


The momma tiger, bear, really anything ferocious is coming out in me. Our 797 had my husband's name WRONG on it. I am so not happy about this. The Chinese consulate in Houston will not accept it, and with the Christmas holidays I am not sure when we will get a corrected copy. I am so tired of all of these mistakes. I just want him home. My heart aches to have him home. Please pray for us.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas... Another update!!

So today we received yet another update on Lee!! This time it was from our agency, CCAI. He has 15 teeth now, can run, jump, go up and down stairs, says "momma," can say all of the names of his friends, and knows the color "red."

He is 22 pounds! Has grown 2cm since his last update and his feet did some growing as well. In addition to the information, we also received a picture of him. It appears as if he is helping his friends escape the play room. haha! I keep hearing Dori from Finding Nemo in my head, "Escapay!" Seriously, I need to look into some child protection locks for my doors. ;)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 67 = 797!!!

So today I get a phone call from USCIS, and the lady informed me that she pulled our case to approve it today but it was missing some documents. Oh NO! So she said that as soon as I emailed them to her or faxed them over, she would print them and approve our case. Not even 28 minutes later, I am receiving an email stating that our documents were received and we are APPROVED!!

Our 797 will be in the mail shortly. PRAISE GOD!!!

I will be working like a mad woman once our 797 comes in the mail to have it authenticated and sealed so it can be sent to our child placing agency, along with our other documents that have already received this special treatment, to be translated and then sent to China. If we are quick enough, we may be logged in for Christmas :D That would definently be the best present we could hope to receive at this point.


Saturday, December 10, 2011


Today has been a crazy fast paced day! I am friends with a family who lives close to us, who is adopting a little boy in the same orphanage as Lee. We've often wondered if our boys knew each other.
When the family who was in China this week posted pictures from their visit to the orphanage. We searched for pictures of both of our sons. Today, I get a text message that says that my friends found their son in the pictures! A few minutes later, I get another text message that says he was the child who was pictured with Lee in his crib! Say what?!? Our sons share a crib!! Whoa! Just when I start to feel down about not having my baby home, God reminds me that His fingerprints are ALL over this life of mine, this life of his (Lee), and this life of my family. Thank you Lord for all of the amazing things you are working into our lives. We are so blessed, and oh so grateful for all of Your fingerprints.



Thursday, December 8, 2011

USCIS Day 62 / New Pictures!!

We are on day 62 of a 90 day wait for our 797. Some families in Louisiana have received theirs as early as 70-75 days. Praying so hard that we are one of those families.

A nice surprise this morning was that we had new pictures of Lee!!! A family is in China right now picking up their little girl who shared a room with him, so in essence his China sister :) Well they took a bunch of pictures of the children yesterday while they were visiting the orphanage, and guess who got snapped? Yep! Our little Lee. We have long suspected that Lee gets held alot because he still cannot walk. Also we received a picture of him crying in the middle of the floor while his nanny appeared to be rushing to pick him up. Seems like they wanted a pic of him standing to show what he could do, and he didn't like that. LOL But anyhow, back to today's pictures: our suspicions were confirmed when we saw the new pictures. Our son has a case of armitis!

We are so so so BLESSED to have these precious pictures. Words cannot fully express how grateful we are for these pictures and for the family who took them.