Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 67 = 797!!!

So today I get a phone call from USCIS, and the lady informed me that she pulled our case to approve it today but it was missing some documents. Oh NO! So she said that as soon as I emailed them to her or faxed them over, she would print them and approve our case. Not even 28 minutes later, I am receiving an email stating that our documents were received and we are APPROVED!!

Our 797 will be in the mail shortly. PRAISE GOD!!!

I will be working like a mad woman once our 797 comes in the mail to have it authenticated and sealed so it can be sent to our child placing agency, along with our other documents that have already received this special treatment, to be translated and then sent to China. If we are quick enough, we may be logged in for Christmas :D That would definently be the best present we could hope to receive at this point.



Melissa said...

Congratulations...almost DTC! I'm so excited for you.

Team Robichaux said...

Thanks Melissa!

Jennifer said...

YIIIIIPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!! So, so, so, excited for you!!!!! :) Please Jesus, let us be right.behind.you. :)

Team Robichaux said...

I pray that you are, Jennifer! The only reason I received a phone call was because I was missing something (surprise surprise) haha

linxx said...

Eeeeek - congrats, Tasha! It was very nice of the officer to call you, and then call you back within half an hour to tell you that you've been approved! That's just awesome!

Good luck with the rest of your paperwork and I hope you'll be logged in SOON!!! \o/