Saturday, December 24, 2011

This Christmas: Little Things

Dear Lee,

Your highchair sits in the kitchen ready for your first meal once you come home. Your clothes are hanging in the closet next to your brothers'. There are toys in your very own toy box in our living room, ready for you to play with them.

Emma just showed me a little spoon that she said was for you. Lucy is busy talking about how we are going to have to make Chinese noodles for you. Silas is busy setting aside special toys and knick-knacks for you. Joseph often asks when you are going to come home. He recently got potty trained, and said he is giving you all of his diapers.

Your bedding is almost done (Momma is making it just for you), and your crib is set up and awaiting your arrival. Pictures of your beautiful face are on our mantle, refrigerator, and bulletin board.

These are all little things. Little things that keep you real to us. Little things that we put in place to prepare for your arrival. Little things that we hope you will enjoy. Little things that we are holding on to until we can at last hold on to you. As we approach our last Christmas without you home, and your last Christmas away from home, please know that we are keeping you in our hearts and on our minds. Constantly we speak of you, as if you were already here. Our hearts are full of love for you, and we cannot wait to share it with you. We cannot wait until our family can be whole, and it will not be whole until you are home.

This Christmas, we love you from afar and cling to the solace found in knowing that next Christmas we will have you home. Next Christmas, these little things will be the backdrop to the most special little person in our lives- you.

With all of our love,
Baba, Momma, Emma, Silas, Lucy, & Joseph

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