Saturday, December 10, 2011


Today has been a crazy fast paced day! I am friends with a family who lives close to us, who is adopting a little boy in the same orphanage as Lee. We've often wondered if our boys knew each other.
When the family who was in China this week posted pictures from their visit to the orphanage. We searched for pictures of both of our sons. Today, I get a text message that says that my friends found their son in the pictures! A few minutes later, I get another text message that says he was the child who was pictured with Lee in his crib! Say what?!? Our sons share a crib!! Whoa! Just when I start to feel down about not having my baby home, God reminds me that His fingerprints are ALL over this life of mine, this life of his (Lee), and this life of my family. Thank you Lord for all of the amazing things you are working into our lives. We are so blessed, and oh so grateful for all of Your fingerprints.




Jennifer said...

So, so, so awesome!

linxx said...

Can I just say that's amazing???!! Your boys will be BFFs for sure!!!