Thursday, December 8, 2011

USCIS Day 62 / New Pictures!!

We are on day 62 of a 90 day wait for our 797. Some families in Louisiana have received theirs as early as 70-75 days. Praying so hard that we are one of those families.

A nice surprise this morning was that we had new pictures of Lee!!! A family is in China right now picking up their little girl who shared a room with him, so in essence his China sister :) Well they took a bunch of pictures of the children yesterday while they were visiting the orphanage, and guess who got snapped? Yep! Our little Lee. We have long suspected that Lee gets held alot because he still cannot walk. Also we received a picture of him crying in the middle of the floor while his nanny appeared to be rushing to pick him up. Seems like they wanted a pic of him standing to show what he could do, and he didn't like that. LOL But anyhow, back to today's pictures: our suspicions were confirmed when we saw the new pictures. Our son has a case of armitis!

We are so so so BLESSED to have these precious pictures. Words cannot fully express how grateful we are for these pictures and for the family who took them.



Melissa said...

PICTURES are priceless! Prayers for quick approval!

linxx said...

I recognized your little guy on the album, and I especially LOVE the last pic of him -- so adorable! I'm so happy and grateful to KG for taking those awesome photos! Really made my day today! :)

Can't wait to visit!!


Team Robichaux said...

Thank you Melissa!

The last pic is my favorite! I put it as my profile picture on facebook today LOL The photos made my day as well! Hopefully we will be visiting the orphanage soon!
Blessings to you both,