Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LID and a Special Gift

I have been in Maryland for a long extended weekend with my sister and her family. Yesterday, I slept in and I was devastated. Why? Well, I was making hats for 3 special little guys to be sent with my friend, Linda, who was kind enough to bring them with her to China because she is picking up her son, Henry! (Lee's current crib mate) I am so beyond excited about little Henry coming home. What I was upset about, was that I had not finished one of the hats yet and we were about to leave to go touring Washington D.C. With tears welling up in my eyes, I managed to finish the last hat. My sister, who probably thought I was going crazy, helped me with the last few things that needed to be done with the hat so we could go.

Well, we drive up to the post office, and what do you know... it's CLOSED! Ugh! It's President's Day. So I am upset with myself. Not only did I make us an hour later for the touring, but I didn't get the hats sent off.

So we get to D.C. and survived the traffic and finding a parking spot. My sister, the driver, was a bit stressed. I fully remember being stressed in that traffic the last time Joey and I drove through D.C. It's enough to make a grown man/woman cry. Anyhow, we eat a late lunch at Mc Donalds. When leaving I noticed that I had a text on my phone from my friend, Monique. She said that a friend of ours, Jennifer, had received her LID. Why would this be important to me? Well, Jennifer and I have the same placing agency, the same DTC date, and now we have the same LID!!! Monique knew all of this, and figured that I had not had any internet access wherever I was. My sister let me use her iphone to search my email, and sure enough there it was! Btw... a BIG thank you to Monique for texting me!!!


Okay, so now I am feeling better. I am floating a bit, because not only did we get LID but when parking, I noticed a Fed Ex store and it was OPEN!! So we walk to the Fed Ex store, and I overnight the special package which contained 3 hippo hats and a flower hat. A green hippo for Lee, a red hippo for Connor, a blue hippo for Henry, and a turquoise hat with a big hot pink flower for a baby girl in their orphanage.

The package arrived today. THANK YOU Linda!! Thank you so much for bringing these hats, and some other special gifts to my little guy and his friends :) And best of all, thanks for offering to bring my little guy a hug from his momma. My eyes are tearing up just thinking about it!

Now on to the wait for LOA....


Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Little Bruiser

It is so fun when we get a glimpse into the personality of our little guy. In his last update, they said he was outgoing. Well, we didn't realize how outgoing he was until we received an update from some traveling friends of ours.

It appears as if our son has a need to be in front of the camera. He shares a crib now with another friend of mine's little boy, Henry. When my friend, Sue, tried to take pictures of Henry for his Mom and Dad, Lee would get in the way. Hmm, we may have to work on sharing when he gets home or maybe he wanted to make sure his Momma and Baba got a good view of him? LOL

Here is a picture of the litte stinker in action. Poor little Henry is trying to be seen at the bottom.

My little guy has some knocks on his head too. He must be playing really hard whenever he gets the chance:

Coupled with a fresh haircut:

And the smiles I have been praying to see:

I have been enamored with these pictures ALL DAY LONG. LOL Thank you Sue and Tony! You have blessed us so much with these photos. Especially as we wait for LID, and we are filled with anxiety, these photos have brightened our hearts. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And how AWESOME is God? Seriously!?! I mean, he has united us all in friendship and our sons in friendship all the way on the other side of this earth! Wow! And all of my other fellow adopting friends out there. We are family, and I am so thankful that God has blessed us so!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Dossier Made It!

I just received an email stating that the CCCWA has our dossier!! Now we wait for them to log it in and give us the official date or LID :)

So so excited!!!

So prayer requests still stand, with the exception of a few additions and 1 change:

For LIDs for us and a friend of ours.
For LOA for another friend of ours.

This one is new:
For safe travels for a family leaving today to bring home their son. Also for God to prepare his heart for them.

Oooh and another one: TA for another friend of ours :)

Thank you so much!


Monday, February 6, 2012

DTC and a Lousy Blogger

The lousy blogger would be me. We have been DTC since Feb.2nd. We were in Texas for the week for a Scentsy get together and my niece's baptism. Well, I knew about being DTC but I could not locate my blog without my computer, which was in LA.

The good part of being in TX was that we could celebrate with family, which we did. What does a multicultural family do to celebrate, you might ask? We grilled steak fajitas of course!!

While in TX, we met an old friend and made some new friends over lunch in China town. I think they Americanized the meal for us, but it was very good. We were able to practice our chopstick skills. Joseph and Lucy were the only two children that came with us. Emma and Silas stayed back to play with their cousins. Anyhow, Lucy and Joseph were doing quite well with their un-altered chopsticks. They were both managing to get food into their mouths, which I find quite impressive.

After the meal, we all walked over to an Asian novelty store where I purchased everyone chopsticks and a few training chopsticks for the children. Then we walked a little further to a grocery store where our friends explained different ingredients and what they were used for. I was told how to make congee, and I bought some meat floss for Lee. What is meat floss? Well, I have been wondering the same thing ever since Lee's updates mentioned that he eats it. Meat floss is very finely shredded beef jerky. It should store quite well until Lee comes home. And before I forget, the secret to good congee is sushi rice! Just add extra water when cooking and then smush it up into a porridge when it is done. Voila! Sprinkle some meat floss on top and he should have a taste of his first home.

It was a really fun time at my sister's house and at China town, but now we are back to reality. Back to waiting. We shouldn't have to wait long for the next step which is LID or log in date. China usually logs in the dossiers within 3 weeks of receipt. Then the real waiting begins again. This time for LOA. We are hoping that this goes rather quickly. Not only for us but for 2 other dear friends of ours who wait for their children as well. So if there are any prayer warriors reading this post, please lift us all up in prayer as we wait and pray that our waits will be short. Thank you!!