Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Dossier Made It!

I just received an email stating that the CCCWA has our dossier!! Now we wait for them to log it in and give us the official date or LID :)

So so excited!!!

So prayer requests still stand, with the exception of a few additions and 1 change:

For LIDs for us and a friend of ours.
For LOA for another friend of ours.

This one is new:
For safe travels for a family leaving today to bring home their son. Also for God to prepare his heart for them.

Oooh and another one: TA for another friend of ours :)

Thank you so much!


1 comment:

linxx said...

Yay! You MUST celebrate because you've completed one huge hurdle! I'm so happy for you and don't forget to let me know when you receive LID! Can't wait to say hi to your little boy for you!!! Don't forget to send me something for your munchkin because we MAY leave in 2 weeks :O.