Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Little Bruiser

It is so fun when we get a glimpse into the personality of our little guy. In his last update, they said he was outgoing. Well, we didn't realize how outgoing he was until we received an update from some traveling friends of ours.

It appears as if our son has a need to be in front of the camera. He shares a crib now with another friend of mine's little boy, Henry. When my friend, Sue, tried to take pictures of Henry for his Mom and Dad, Lee would get in the way. Hmm, we may have to work on sharing when he gets home or maybe he wanted to make sure his Momma and Baba got a good view of him? LOL

Here is a picture of the litte stinker in action. Poor little Henry is trying to be seen at the bottom.

My little guy has some knocks on his head too. He must be playing really hard whenever he gets the chance:

Coupled with a fresh haircut:

And the smiles I have been praying to see:

I have been enamored with these pictures ALL DAY LONG. LOL Thank you Sue and Tony! You have blessed us so much with these photos. Especially as we wait for LID, and we are filled with anxiety, these photos have brightened our hearts. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And how AWESOME is God? Seriously!?! I mean, he has united us all in friendship and our sons in friendship all the way on the other side of this earth! Wow! And all of my other fellow adopting friends out there. We are family, and I am so thankful that God has blessed us so!



Jennifer said...

He is so precious!!! What a blessing to be able to see him!!! Praise God!

linxx said...

Oh, Tasha, I didn't have that first pic of your Lee with my Henry peeking in the background so I had to take a copy for my little folder! :) I just love our boys sharing something together! I can't wait to give Lee a big hug from his mama!!