Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well, we are fingerprinted as of Nov 15th. It was quick and we were out before our appointment time. I left with a heavy heart because I realized that when we went to walk in a few weeks back and were turned away that there was absolutely no one there to get fingerprinted. The section of the room that we were in was empty a couple of weeks back. Not one single person waiting, and they told us that they would not take our fingerprints.

Right now, we are rejoicing to have this step done. We are now waiting on our 797 to be issued to us. Not sure when that will come in, but as soon as it does I will be certifying it and then getting it authenticated at the Chinese consulate. Once everything is back from the Chinese consulate, it then gets sent to our placing agency (CCAI) in Colorado to be translated. Once translated, our paperwork will then travel to China where we will receive our LID and then our LOA. Prayers please that this is a speedy process. From what I hear LOA can take a while.

We have our good moments where we feel like things are finally getting done, but then at times our hearts are just so heavy with the unknown. We need God to help us through these times. Especially with this holiday season fast approaching. Originally we were hoping to have our child home for Christmas. We are now looking at the end of March or April. The wait is excruciating. It makes us sad, and we are holding on to the hope that something will go faster and we will be holding our little bundle of joy soon.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us! May God bless!



Jennifer said...

Yay! Big step completed! Now you're at the "hurry up and wait" point. :) You'll get that I797 approval very soon and be ready to be DTC!!! :)

Tony and Sue said...

How old is your son? Looks to be about the same age as our son (b. 8/28/10), also at Xuchang.

Sue Smith

Team Robichaux said...

Hi Sue! Lee is 1 year old. (d.o.b 8/13). I have seen your blog, but I am unable to post for some reason.