Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finding Balance

A piece of my heart, or parts of my heart are hidden in China. And parts of my heart are here... I have been consumed with blogs from families who have adopted from China. I have searched their timelines, hoping to see someone that has experienced our issue- not being old enough yet to start the paperwork, but just inches away from being able to do so.

On our prospective agency's website, it clearly states that we have to wait until we are both at least 29.5 years old to apply. Yet I search to see if I can start something else early. Are there forms that I can get a head start on? Could we take the classes for adoption early? Once we get started, what will the timeline be like? Answers are what I am in desperate need of, and there are so many questions left unanswered. And if you know me, then you know that I don't do well with the unknown. Not for this long anyhow. And I know we are just scratching the tip of the iceburg here, if that much.

My lateset "research" has produced a list of common abbreviations associated with China adoption. I will post these in the sidebar. This way, I can abbreviate common words, and you don't have to feel like I am speaking... well, Chinese! ;) Technically, it's Mandarin, but anyhow... LOL

A proud moment for me yesterday, was when I was watching an adoption video and the baby was getting their handprints and footprints taken for their adoption certificate. The lady who was printing the baby was speaking Mandarin to him, and I UNDERSTOOD what she was saying!! Joey was proud of me as well! See, she was counting for him. It was a simple 1-2-3, but I understood it. I am hoping I will learn much more Mandarin before picking up our little Wu, so I can understand some of their needs that I wouldn't otherwise know of. And I am hoping it will give them some comfort to hear their native language a bit, even if it is just at a toddler level (that's okay, because they will be a toddler too).

I can't say enough about my teacher... a little game for the DS called My Chinese Coach. It is probably one of the most effective tools I have ever encountered for learning a new language. It still amazes me that I can learn a new language on a video game!

Well, my presence is requested at the refrigerator. Seems as if there is a great need for cheesesticks at this very moment. lol

Little Wu, we are loving you!

God bless,
Tasha (aka Momma)

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