Thursday, July 5, 2012

Last few Days in Guangzhou

We are currently taking a small break from packing. We head out to Hong Kong tonight, where we will stay overnight and take a flight early in the morning. We have one layover in Japan and then we head straight for Houston... hopefully. Our layover is rather short, so we are hoping our first flight arrives on time, so we can make the connecting flight. A couple of days have gone by, so I will fill y'all in on what we have been up to. First, we went to the Pearl Market.
The market is floor upon floor of jewelry at whole sale cost.
After the Pearl Market, we traveled to Shamien Island for some sightseeing and a bit of souvenir shopping. This is a Catholic Church on the island. Shamien Island, as we are told, was influenced by Portugese trademen. The island used to be closed off to Chinese people, and only foreigners were allowed. They used the island as a trading post.
The island today, is a hot spot for wedding photos. Here is a couple getting their photos done in front of the Catholic Church. There were alot of models taking photos for ads as well.
There are several statues throughot the island too. Lee managed to find some friends...
On the fourth of July, we went to the City Zoo...
We took group pictures. The battery on my camera was going low and the camera wasn't working right. After the group pictures, we went to our room and found the backup battery, and then went to the hotel's garden where I managed to get a couple pictures of Lee in his silks.
On the 5th, we had our Consulate Appointment. Cameras are not allowed at the Embassy, but I took a couple of pictures of Lee in our room.
So now, we are going to finish packing. Not sure when our next post will be. We should be arriving late tonight in Hong Kong, and then heading out early in the morning probably won't leave much time for posting. Please pray that we make our connection and make it home ASAP. We miss our little ones so much and can't wait to be with our entire family under one roof. Thank you! Blessings from China, Tasha

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