Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Less than a month away...

...until we are paper pregnant! We are over halfway done with our Hague accredited courses. We are learning a bunch and preparing ourselves to be the parents that our little Wu will need us to be.

It is snowing in Beijing tonight. It is exciting to know that we may get to experience snow when we go to China to get our little one. I wonder what the Great Wall looks like, covered in snow? I bet it would be breathtaking, but not as breathtaking as seeing our little one for the first time.

We are anxious and excited to begin our paperwork, and homestudy in the next month. We are getting things ready around the house. And soon I will be gathering the necessary documents needed for the paper trail.

Thinking of you little Wu, and praying that you are warm and well cared for. We all can't wait to warm you with our hugs, and surround you with sweet kisses and blessings before you go to sleep at night. Just thinking of the day, brings tears of joy to my eyes. Love you baby!


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