Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Stage

So the classes are done, and we are now starting the application phase. Once we get the initial application done, we will continue with more paperwork (it's called a "paper trail" for a reason) while we complete our homestudy.

On the way back from our LAST class, Joey turned to me and said, " I am so excited." And that just about sums it up for me as well. Excited- to have our first step completed; to have the paperwork needed for the next step in our hands; and to be on the verge of finally being old enough to begin our "paper pregnancy."

I would like to note that we are also excited to begin our homestudy. I dreaded it at first. And I will admit, a small... teeny tiny part of me is still uncomfortable with it. BUT, after the classes and finding out what exactly a homestudy entails, we are excited to begin the process. As with the classes, we intend to cooperate fully and try to get the most that we can out of the experience. It helps to have met the social workers, and honestly, I can say that our agency has some really knowledgeable and friendly people on their staff. They really opened our eyes to things we never thought of before, and I believe we will be better parents to all of our children because of this course.
Until next time, Tasha

Wu~ Momma and Daddy are constantly thinking of you. Your brothers and sisters are excited about your arrival. The Wii has little "me" characters in both a boy Wu and a girl Wu, and your siblings enjoy "playing" with you. They also are sure to pray for you every night. It is such a blessing to be your family already. We are so curious about who you are, and look forward to seeing you, meeting you, and caring for you. Until we meet, we will be loving you from a distance, but will be keeping you close in our hearts. Love you! ~Momma

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trina said...

Hi Tasha!! I'm glad you stop by to say hello. :) And thanks for telling about you requesting Little Guy (he really needs a name..haha) Sounds like you all are making progress! I read through your blog and got to relive your excitement. many sweet memories and so much journaling while we waited..and waited and waited. It won't be long and your little guy will find his family. I would love to chat privatly with you. Sign my blog again and tell me your email address. It won't show up 'cause I have to approve it. Talk soon!!!