Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Started...

Our application goes in the mail today! Gosh, I can't believe today has finally come. Exactly 6 months from tomorrow, my hubby will be 30 and we will hopefully know who our child is. WOW! Amazing! I know all too well that 6 months flies by faster than a blink of an eye.

And this mommy has a fun filled summer planned for all of the little ones. We have decided that in lieu of a big family vacation this year, we are going to go on mini vacations (i.e. a few things that we can get season passes for the family to). Like our zoo extravaganza, and the aquarium. These are MUCH cheaper, and we are all about the cheap stuff.

So what about the big family vacation that we had planned this year (AKA Sea World)? Well, we will go next year, and possibly even the vacation that we had planned for next year as well (AKA beach). We have decided that vacation would be more fun with our new little one in tow, and it would allow us to get away for a little while and have quality family bonding time. Joey is saving as many days off as possible for next year, so we can enjoy some quality time together AWAY from all of our ordinary household distractions. I for one, cannot wait!!

It is so much fun to think of our family as a whole doing things together. I am enjoying my family now, but I can't help but wondering if Wu would enjoy all of the things we do. Like, when we went to the movies this past weekend with some gift certificates given to the children for Christmas. As I glanced over at my children, all with their popcorn and drinks, and smiles on their faces, I couldn't help but wonder if Wu would enjoy the movies.

I guess it is different, because I know in my heart that Wu is alive somewhere in China. I am missing out on all of these important times with him/her. I wish that I could be there to comfort him/her through the sad times, and to rejoice with him/her through the happy times. I want them to know me as mommy, and Joey as daddy, and to know the immense love1 of his/her sisters and brothers. I want to protect him/her, and I wish I could do all of this now. It is like a piece is missing. Sure I know that I didn't know about this missing piece not that long ago, but now that I do know that they are there, I am aching for this little person to join us. So I can KNOW that they are well cared for. It is all of the UNKNOWN that drives me a little bonkers.

Don't get me wrong, I am a fully functioning parent right now, but there is always this part of me wondering about Wu and hoping that he/she is receiving the BEST care until I can get there; until we can get there. I am sure I will go on and on about the unknowns until there is more known. Then when there is more known, I will share all of the parts that I can share. I just can't wait to be out of the know, and to be in the know.

Until then, our constant prayer is that Wu is receiving the best care possible. That God sends our child our love through their caretakers, and that they are getting hugged often and loved on. Another prayer is that once we receive our LOA, that somehow our travel plans are expedited and we get TA not long after. I have read about how some people have somehow had their waiting time shortened from 6-9 months to just a little over 3, through no action of their own! WOW! Would I love to be one of those "lucky" ones, and somehow bring our baby home this year. One can hope, right? So if you get a chance, please ask God to expedite our process. I for one, know that it is never too early to ask God for anything :)

I think this is it for this post. Maybe next post, I will unveil baby Wu's real name choices. Yes, Wu is just a nickname. hehe We do have American names picked out for our child, and they are good ones. :)

So, until next time,
May God bless,


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