Friday, April 22, 2011

A Good Sign Amidst Chaos

Well, this week has been a doozie. Our car is totalled. Joey and Emma were in a wreck in front of our neighborhood. It was a very low speed collision, that happened head on with a big ole truck. So, our little bitty car didn't fare too well. Joey and Emma are just fine- no soreness, no aches, and no complaints. Thank God they are okay! The car- well, I am confident God will take us through this one, but I wasn't so sure at first.

Our car and van are paid for. We had no car note, and we were perfectly content with our old vehicles. Yes, they are old, and therefore the book value is really low on them. But, they are worth more to us than the silly book value. The car and van are VERY dependable vehicles. We take care of them, and they take care of us. And we were using what would have been car note money to fund the adoption. This is what I struggled with, and I feel horrible for having thought this way. But I was wondering why, oh why did this blow have to come to our adoption funding? We are doing what God wants us to do, right? So then, why interfere with our already difficult saving process?

I was thinking small. I realize this now. I have struggles too, after all I am human. And God, is amazing! The answer to these questions, I wasn't ready to face. I knew that God wasn't the cause of the accident. I know that He is the protector of my husband and child. He shielded them from injury. He shielded them from the oncomming traffic of the busy highway they were on. He made sure my husband and baby escaped the accident, not only scratch free, but free of soreness as well. I KNOW THIS.

The car, and I have felt this all along, we can live without. The adoption, we cannot do without. The funds for the adoption, we cannot do without. I was concerned for our little one in China. How is this accident going to affect them? A big motto of mine, is that if God leads us to it, He will lead us through it. And today, as I was checking the mail in the mailbox, feeling bogged down with worry, God showed me that He is helping us. In our mailbox was a letter from vital records with Joey's ammended birth certificate. The one that we were told would take 11 weeks to be ammended and then sent to us, only took 2 weeks!! And that would be 2 weeks, tomorrow!!

I think this is amazing, especially with the threat of government shutdowns, and the timeline for birth certificate duplicates being 4 weeks long. I am amazed, and see His handprints all over this. I would like to point out, that I have several family members waiting for the child's new amended birth certificates for over a year now from the same office. I can't stress enough how BIG this was to me today. God obviously wants us to get to China ASAP for our little one(s).

Praising God & praying for His blessings upon y'all,
Until next time,

Wu, Mommy and Baba are thinking about you still. We are hoping you feel our love. Only 4 more months until we learn who you are. Don't lose hope little one. We will be there soon. Love you, Mama

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