Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doin' Alright

So last post, I'll admit, I was a bit besides myself. I would like to think we all get that way somehow. But I prayed for God's peace, and so He granted it to me. I am a calm cucumber right now. ;)

If you haven't guessed it yet, we are high and dry. The gates were opened, which gave our levees a break. Tomorrow our flood insurance goes into effect. So we are praising God for keeping us safe, and praying for those who are effected in turn.

Update on adoption (what this site is really for, right?! lol):

We are about to submit the paperwork to begin our homestudy!! Whoop! Whoop! We had a little setback on our timing due to searching for a new vehicle, but now we are back on track and fierce as ever. We are just waiting on some paperwork to come in from Joey's employer, then we write a check to pay the social worker to do the homestudy and wait for her next available appointment.

While the homestudy is going on, we will be gathering the necessary documentation needed for our dossier, and getting our passports!! I seriously cannot wait to be on the plane heading BACK from China with our baby/babies in tow!!!

Did you catch that subtle hint? Yes, we are hoping to adopt two children from China! We meet financial requirements and we are more than willing, but I believe we need the stamp of approval from our social worker. Hopefully this is as much of a non-issue to her as it is to us. I am home ALL of the time with the children, and I believe our home would be spectacular with two more sets of little feet running through the halls! Joey, well he is as much game as I am. So let the fun begin! We are ready to smother those sweet babies in hugs and kisses :)

Until next time,


Wǔ & Liù(six), Mommy and Daddy are hoping you are both okay and we send our love! May God share this love that we, and He has for you through your caretakers! Love you bunches~ Your parents

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