Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two months

Two months... that's all that's inbetween us and finding out who our child/children are. I have always dreaded turning 30, but next month can't come quite fast enough. Better yet, is when Joey turns 30 in September. Then we can finally be old enough for China.

Our homestudy should begin soon. We are just waiting for our references to return their forms, then our first appointment will be scheduled. Today we are mailing off forms to have a background check with the FBI (new requirement for our homestudy agency). Then we will work on getting our passports, and rounding up the remaining birth certificates. I believe we have all of the other forms.

Then we will need to hire a CPA to write up an income letter. Hopefully all of this is done before the homestudy is completed, and we can apply to USCIS. Then starts the process of sealing things. I am still not sure how it all works, but I believe it involves me driving around and getting things stamped (sealed) to prove that the previous seal/stamp was accurate. That should be interesting. But all 4 of the children and I will be hustling to get it done in time to turn it all in for Joey's birthday. Then we can celebrate and maybe get to a few of those words with the intials next to them in the top left corner! :)

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