Monday, August 1, 2011

One last firework...

So there was one last surprise for us in July... our passports came in!! We were both really excited. Hopefully our FBI clearances come in soon. I believe they should be completed within the next 2 weeks. So, our standings as of now are as follows:
1. Need financial report for dossier (all other documents with exception to the 797 have been collected. The 797 comes after the homestudy)
2. Need FBI clearance for homestudy
3. Homestudy is still in process. Due to be completed by mid-August
4. We will hopefully find out who our precious Wu is, NEXT month!!! :)

Haha. I am really thrilled about that last one there. ;) I have been waiting to say that for a while. I will be even more thrilled when it becomes "this month," "this week," or "today" even!!

God bless,

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Jennifer said...

Yay! Things are moving along!!! :) Can't wait to see who your little one is, too! :)