Monday, September 26, 2011

USCIS Application Sent!!

Just overnighted our I800a to USCIS!! The next step is waiting for our appointment to be fingerprinted. Then we should get what is called a 797. When we receive this document, we will bring our dossier to the Chinese Consulate in Houston to be approved. After that, we send EVERYTHING to our placing agency, CCAI, to be translated and approved. Once that is done, our dossier will be sent to China and we should receive our LID sometime after that!!! I am amazed that I am managing to keep up with all of this stuff so far. It feels so good to finally be able to post some dates next to those initials up there in the top left hand corner :)

God bless,


Jennifer said...

Yay!!! I'll be sending ours off tomorrow or Wednesday! Congrats, girl! :)

Team Robichaux said...

Thanks Jennifer!!

linxx said...

We've also just overnighted our I-800A on the same day as well! Let's see if we get our fingerprint appointments on the same day!! This is our second application though as we let it expire in July :(.

Good luck with your dossier!