Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lost in Translation

So our dossier has not been sent off yet. It has endured the critical review and needed a couple of corrections. First, a missing Hague certificate for our homestudy agency, which our social worker sent to them rather quickly. Second, my husband's new amended birth certificate was missing his middle name which appeared throughout the rest of our dossier documents. Evidentally China would think this wasn't the same person so my social worker wrote up a letter for us and had it notarized within 30 minutes. Amazing!

Third, and thankfully last, on the list was that my doctor made a mistake on my physical and wrote down that I had 4 C-spine surgeries instead of c-sections. Ugg! <---That's caveman talk for me not being able to read his hanwriting, and did not realize that's what it said. So, he wrote a note stating he wrote the wrong thing down and that it was indeed c-sections and not spinal surgeries. Evidentally China would think that I couldn't walk if I had had those spine surgeries.

So I get this call, outlining all of these items that needed to be done at 2:30 yesterday and got to work. I mean BUSY! My social worker was done in 30 minutes, and I picked up her hard work this morning. My doctor finished his note at 4:30 this afternoon. I received a call while I was at the local Fed Ex shop purchasing an overnight envelope to mail these documents in. Well, pick up was at 5:00. Somehow (by the grace of God, I believe) I was able to pick up this letter, go home and make a copy and pick up the other form and its copy, and make it back to the Fed Ex store with 5 whole minutes to spare! I did not speed, and it was rush time traffic. All I can say is I DID IT!!

Our dossier should be sent to China on Friday... stay tuned to learn if this actually happens :)



linxx said...

Oh my goodness, Tasha, I really hope you will have a much better experience from here on out! I'm sorry you're going through all these little glitches but it sounds like you're almost there! Hope your dossier was sent on Friday! :)


Team Robichaux said...

Thank you Linda! We remain hopeful that there won't be anymore glitches. Our dossier was sent out on Thursday :) It was a big surprise to us!
Now waiting for LID!