Friday, March 2, 2012

Hello Lee!!

So our little guy was paid a visit by a sweet friend of mine who was picking up her son, Lee's crib mate, this week. She took some really sweet photos of our guy with his gifts and asked some questions for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you Linda and Dave! We really cannot thank you enough.

We sent Lee a hat, as you know. Well, it came off as fast as it went on we are told- little stinker! LOL None of our children ever appreciated a good hat, so I guess he fits right in with that one :) Linda did manage to get a photo of him with it on, so here it goes:

I also embroidered his name on a lovey in glow in the dark thread (so he can have a little night light), which he appears to like :)

And he heard our voices for the first time ever reading this voice recorded book we sent him. It's a blessing book, so we blessed him from afar :) He seems to be enjoying it.

And finally, he received a picture of our family. I believe this is the first time he has ever set eyes on us...

"Wait, you mean these people are for me?!?"

Sealed with a kiss... I think he likes us =)

We were told that he would not give up his picture of us and kept kissing it! Oh how I have cried over this! I think his heart is ready Lord. Now can we please leave to get him??

Please continue to pray that LOA comes soon. We are on day 16, and praying that LOA comes in the 30s rather than the 50s. Please pray for our friends waiting as well. If trends continue, we could be bringing our babies home sooner rather than later.

Thank you!!

Wishing you many blessings,



Emily said...

he is adorable!!!!!!!!! right there with you!!! come on LOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let's travel early June!!!

Tony and Sue said...

What wonderful pictures!

linxx said...

Aww, I love seeing his pictures again in context on your blog, Tasha! It was a pleasure taking these pics for you. Your little Lee is such a natural in front of the lens and he's such a sweetheart -- full of smiles. I will never forget witnessing him kissing his precious photo of his family -- awwww! :D

I've just sent you three zipped folders of additional photos so I hope they will put a smile on your face :).


Team Robichaux said...

Thank you Linda! They sure did put a smile on my face :) I have been staring at them all day LOL