Sunday, April 8, 2012

And into the 50s

I am gonna keep this short and sweet (even though what I am about to post isn't sweet at all). STILL waiting for LOA. I'm hoping it comes this week. Tomorrow is day 55. Never thought I would see the 50s. I thought this would be the one step that would go quickly for us. Boy was I wrong. We are still going at a snail's pace. Hopefully our son will come home this summer. I would love for him to be home before his 2nd birthday. Today is Easter, and we are praying for an Easter miracle to come this week. Please pray with us. Thank you! Happy Easter! Blessings, Tasha


Emily said...

i so hear you... i was hoping for a quick wait too.. the rumors on the FB page are getting me down- trying to not read them so much:(
i am so praying it's tomorrow. part of me wants to get excited.. another part of me is scared to get my hopes up-- matthew's birthday is in august-- i really want him home before then!!!! praying!!!!!!!!

Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

I totally hear you too...We are on day 48. Everything else seems to have had delays and I was so hoping this would be one instance in which we went quick...or at least...a reasonable amount of time. I keep fearing hitting the 70 mark and no LOA :( But, let's hold out hopes that we hear something this week!! :-)