Thursday, April 19, 2012

In the Lockbox Baby!!

Last night while we were sleeping, we received a text and an email confirming our receipt notice from USCIS!! Now the application will be forwarded to the NBC for approval. Once we get approval in a couple of weeks, it will be sent to the NVC where they will enter our info. and then "cable" it to the US consulate in Guangzhou, China. The US Embassy will then issue us an Article 5, and this takes 2 weeks. Once Article 5 is issued, it is sent to China's adoption headquarters (CCCWA) where they issue us travel approval or TA, which basically means that we are allowed to go and pick up our Lee!! We should leave 7 - 14 days after TA has been issued. :) Things are moving!! Hopefully they continue to go well. I am trying to pack as much as I can and get supplies ready, because June will be here before we know it! And I have Silas' first communion and a double birthday party for Emma and Lucy to plan and host. Things will be busy... just the way I like it while we wait. ;) Blessings, Tasha

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