Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cabled & Article 5 Drop Off

So yesterday we were cabled!! Today our Article 5 is getting dropped off. I have no idea what it is, but we wait 2 weeks exactly for it to be picked up. So it should be picked up on May 22nd. Once Article 5 is picked up, we will then be waiting for TA. On average, that wait is 2 weeks or slightly a little more. Basically, we are expecting to be buying plane tickets in just one month!!! So now, I know that we have a 2 week break from obsessing over the emails. It feels good. I have so many other things to get ready and plan for. I am also trying to work a little more before we leave to bring Lee home. I sew for my new etsy shop and am a Scentsy and a Velata (chocolate fondue!) representative. I am actually hoping to build the fundraising aspect of those businesses (Scentsy and Velata) for now. So if you have a fundraiser (school, sports, adoption), then I would be glad to help. The sewing is my artistic relief and mental break haha I love it! I just need to get better organized with it. I am about to have little hands running through my house and I admit I need to baby proof a little better. So unless we receive an update on Lee soon, then I won't be blogging for the next 2 weeks. Well, maybe my sewing blog or the family blog. Those need a little TLC. haha Blessings, Tasha

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linxx said...

Wow, I'm so happy for you, Tasha! It seems so long ago when we were at this point and it's oh-so-exciting!

Can't wait for you to get your TA and then fly out to get your baby!