Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It gets the best of me at times. It's so funny to hear people tell me how patient I am, when inside, most of the time, I am anxious about one thing or another. I am in need of skills... skills that will help me cope with all of this emotional mess that is brewing up inside of me. We are getting so close. It's almost the end of July already.

How do you cope with anxiety?


RealEstateGoGetter said...

I've been dealing with panic/anxiety disorder since I'm seventeen. I realize that your anxiety is from circumstances, not a chemical imbalance but the techniques to cope are the same. Daily meditation/prayer
Walking (or any form of working out)
Eat right and get the right amount of sleep and hydration (8 glasses of water per day)
Write all your worries down before you go to sleep so that they are off of your brain and offer them up to God to free yourself from them so you can relax and sleep well.
Volunteer to help someone in need, it'll get your mind off of yourself.
When you are plagued by uncontrollable anxiety, try visualization--remember a time when you were happy and relaxed. Recall what you felt, what you heard, what you saw, tasted and smelled. it'll lower your blood pressure and keep the anxiety at bay. Hope this helps!

Team Robichaux said...

Great ideas! Thanks Kisha! I am sure these will help :)