Monday, July 18, 2011

One at a Time

Today we had our first homestudy visit, and we both feel that it went well. It was mostly talking about ourselves and how we felt pertaining to certain topics. One of the topics we discussed was our desire to be a part of the special focus program, which allows you to adopt 2 unrelated children on the same trip or on seperate trips. Because of our family size and the ages of our children, our social worker feels that it would be best to bring in one child at a time. This doesn't mean that we can't adopt 2 children, because we still plan on adopting 2 children. But what it does mean is that this trip, we will only be picking up one child (unless we are referred twins, which is rare). After we come home with Wu, we will have a year, I believe, to reuse our paperwork to adopt another child.

I would like to state, for the record, that I feel we can handle bringing 2 children into our home at one time. But I do see where our social worker is coming from, and Joey and I have decided that we will follow her suggestion. She wasn't unreasonable at all, and we don't want to be either. We can always go back. The financing of it, I am not so sure about, but I am confident that God will lead us through it.

So Wu, we are getting closer to the time when we will learn who you are and the excitement is building. Momma and Baba can't wait to be on the plane BACK with you. Loving you always... Momma

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