Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 4: Zhengzhou

Today we flew into Zhengzhou. This city seems so much busier than Beijing. The sidewalks are shared with crowds of people on scooters. You have to constantly be on your guard while walking about. We had a quick lunch at the hotel after our plane landed and then went exchange money at the bank. After the bank, we walked to stores and WalMart to get supplies. Then we bought dinner at Pizza Hut. Our hotel is really nice. The room is a little small but it stays nice and cool. When we came back from running errands today we found Lee's crib all set up in our room. We aren't planning to use the crib, but it was still nice to see it there! :) Only 11 hours left until we leave the hotel to meet our little guy!!! We are so excited! Please Lord, prepare his heart for us and guide us in comforting and parenting this new little blessing. Blessings from China, Tasha


Emily said...

super excited for you!!!!!!!!

Tony and Sue said...

This could be our room! Are you on the street side of the hotel? Why aren't you using a crib? That's what he's used to.

Glad you are there and about to meet Lee! Can't wait for pictures!


Danielle Duplantis said...

I'm so excited for ya'll!!! Good luck and safe travels home!