Monday, June 25, 2012

Gotcha Day!

We were waiting at the government office for the babies to arrive, and when I saw Lee and Connor walking up the steps, my mind froze. I had the camera set to film them coming up the steps, but I couldn't think straight to get it done. Thankfully a friend from our group took our camera and took pictures for us. However, I cannot load those pictures until I get a USB cable for our camera to load them directly because I forgot to format the disk prior to using it. So no actual "gotcha" pictures in this post. I can describe what happened though, and our little boy is heart broken. He came to me with little whimpers, and then when he lost sight of his nanny, he broke down and cried inconsolably. The mutual love between the two of them was very apparent. He screamed and cried the entire time we were there. He settled down a bit during the bus ride, but as soon as we got in the hotel he began to cry again. It took a while, but he cried himself to sleep on my chest. When he woke up, Joey left to go to a meeting and we bonded a bit over Elmo. We looked at the photo album that we sent him, and he pointed to Joey and said "baba" (daddy) and then looked at my photo and then back at me and slightly jumped when he realized I was the "mama" in the picture. He has been glued to me ever since. He is doing okay, as long as we don't leave the room. He is scared, heartbroken, and very unsure of us. Please pray for him. It hurts to think of how much pain and uncertainty he is going through right now. I know that with time, love, and the Grace of God, he will blossom and eventually love us as much as we love him. We are so grateful that his nanny loved him so much. Our prayers were answered through her, there is no doubt. By the suggestion of our guide, and our own devices, we will not visit his orphanage tomorrow. Our guide, and we, think it will be too painful for both him and his nanny. They said their "goodbyes" today, and I don't have the heart to put them through that misery again. I am sad about not being able to see where he has lived personally, but his emotional well being is far more important than my desires right now. Hopefully, one day when he is older, we can take a heritage tour together and see his orphanage together at that time. Here are a few pictures from the hotel room. When Lee fell asleep, I snuck him onto his Daddy while I took a bath (his diaper busted and he peed all over me on the bus ride to the hotel room). Lee did not know that he was on his Dad, but his Dad was enjoying his chance to hold him very much. Blessings from China, Tasha


Kim said...

He is soooooo precious!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Tony and Sue said...

He's really, really cute. When is his birthday again? Is he 2 yet? SOOOO happy to see him in your arms!


linxx said...

Oh Tasha, I have tears in my eyes!!! Congratulations to you guys!! We are so happy for you and it's amazing to see little Lee in your arms, finally :). When Henry wakes up from his nap, I'm going to show him these photos.

I also don't blame you for not visiting the orphanage. I will email you to elaborate as well :).


Kelly said...

Awww sweet, sweet day. He is so beautiful, congratulations!