Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lee 101

Just a few things we have learned about our little Lee: * He has quite a sense of humor. He loves to smile :)
* When they said he was "active and lively" they weren't kidding
* He is not a morning person... he seems to be very upset about having to wake up in the morning. After about 10:00, he seems to perk up.
* He is a chatterbox and a little parrot. I am simply amazed at what he can say already. He says the following words: - No - Don't do that! - Uh oh - Look - Football - Elmo - Bye Bye - Hello - Emma, Silas, Lucy, Jo, Daddy, Momma, jie jie, gege, nie nie, etc... He will basically try to repeat anything we tell him.
* He is silly!
* He is a picky eater and can stick his entire hand in his mouth. Now that's talent ;)
* He loves electronics and Elmo!
* He loves to cuddle
* He knows how to bring on the charm. He can batt his eyelashes like it's nobody's business. He even has this little pose that he does when the eyelashes don't work.
* He has many faces and noises that he likes to make. He loves to be loud!
* He likes to sleep with his Mommy and Daddy
* He loves to push the buttons for the elevator
*** He is simply AMAZING Blessings from China, Tasha


Heather O said...

hes perfect!!!!!

linxx said...

Oh my goodness, Lee is such a cute little character! Love his face and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last picture of him in the bath!

Super smart, too! Love him! :)


Melissa said...

Wow he is so precious! I love seeing all the pics and hearing how lively he is. Such a blessing! I'm praying for you and we really enjoy following your journey(;

Team Robichaux said...

Thank y'all! I have some more of him posing in the tub, but this one was my favorite :)

Lacy said...

Wow! He is a cutie! I am looking for pics of my son.
Just wondering if you might have some.


Thanks so much Lacy